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Ace Score

We carry our childhood experiences with us into adulthood.

Everyone’s experiences are different. Some are good, others are bad and can affect us negatively — they’re called Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs.

Most people aren’t aware that ACEs can increase your risk for chronic disease, social and emotional issues and more. But risk doesn’t mean destiny. There is hope.

The first step in understanding your experiences is to get your ACE score.  Find your score online using the link below, provided by ChildWise Institute.  Then you’ll have the critical information to better help yourself.

You can control your future.
Answer a few quick questions to get your ACE score.

Watch how ACEs can affect us from childhood into adulthood.

Helpless then…hopeful now.

Explore the many resources available to you.

Ways to Get Help

Know your ACE score and get assistance from any of these available resources.

Self-Care Tools


Taking care of yourself can come in many forms: a walk, a few minutes of meditation, or spending some time talking to a friend. Use these digital resources to find the help you need, today.

Places to Get Help (That You Might Not Think Of)


Help can come in many different forms. You might not even think to ask for assistance in some of these places, but help is available.

Place to get help

Your Doctor
Did you know that your primary care provider is a great person to talk to about mental health and other issues? You can always talk to a health care provider about health concerns and your past experiences and how they can affect you physically and mentally. Since we know that ACEs can manifest in physical and mental issues later on, keeping up with regular checkups at your doctor’s office can be useful in tracking issues as they come up.

Choose a Location to Find a Provider
Billings Clinic
St. Vincent Healthcare
Riverstone Health

Montana 2-1-1
Connect with Montana 2-1-1 online for free help. They can connect you with community resources for basic needs (food banks, clothing, shelter, utility assistance), physical and mental health resources, employment support (job training, transportation help), support for aging and persons with disabilities (adult day care, Meals on Wheels, home health care), support for children and families (child care, after school programs, tutoring, protective services).

Crisis Assistance


Do you need help right away? Reach out to a local or national resource that’s ready to help. These organizations provide free assistance to those in need, and some are available 24/7.

Crisis Assistance

Community Crisis Center
See website or call (406) 259-8800

Yellowstone Youth Crisis Network
See website or call 406-200-0559

Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-8255

Crisis and Suicide Prevention
Text “Go” to 741741

Safety Planning App MY3
Stay connected with your personal support team

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Responding to ACEs Through Trauma-Informed Care

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Please Be Informed

In the ACE score assessment, we explore the topic of trauma and include frank language about child sexual abuse, substance abuse, parental neglect, and physical/emotional abuse. If these subjects are triggering to you, please reconsider visiting the ACE Assessment website for now. There are local resources available to help you recover from past traumatic experiences. Please visit Healthy By Design at for assistance.

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