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Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Active transportation includes any mode of travel that promotes physical activity, such as biking, walking, skateboarding, and even taking the bus. Body-powered travel not only provides an opportunity for daily physical activity, but also connects people to their daily needs, like work, school, groceries, and fun.

Healthy By Design was one of the most vocal entities for adoption of a Complete Streets policy in Billings. Complete Streets are roadways built for all users: motorists, pedestrians, transit riders, and bicyclists. A Complete Street may include sidewalks, median islands, bike lanes, curb extensions, or timed pedestrian signals at intersections. From improved property values and economic revitalization to increased capacity and enhanced mobility for all, Complete Streets foster strong, healthy communities. A resolution of the City of Billings to adopt a Complete Streets policy was passed by City Council in August 2011.

In the News

  • From Healthy By Design Coalition partner, Billings Clinic
  • What is a Bike Friendly Business?

    Billings Clinic is just one of several entities making efforts to support bike-friendly initiatives and alternative commuting as a great way to get to work and be healthy.  Billings Clinic was just awarded a bronze award by the League of American Bicyclists for bike-friendly business practices.  In addition, they have installed new state-of-the-art secured bike storage facilities and added incentives for bicycling in their BeWell employee wellness program.  Billings Clinic also hosted a Commuter Challenge breakfast stop on in May as a part of National Bike to Work Day.

    Strong communities have vibrant, easily-accessible downtowns with safe paths for individuals and families to safely walk or bike to and from their neighborhoods and parks to the heart of their towns.  This is attractive for both recruitment and retention of employees at places like Billings Clinic, as well as other businesses and organizations in Yellowstone County. Coming off Billings’ win as Outside Magazine’s Best Town of 2016, we urge our community to keep active transportation in mind as we continue to build Billings into the community we want it to be.

    Recognized “Bicycle Friendly Businesses” in Billings include:

    • Billings Clinic – bronze
    • Billings TrailNet – bronze
    • CTA Architects/Engineers – bronze
    • High Plains Architects – gold

    If your business or organization is interested in becoming a “Bike-Friendly Business,” learn more at

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