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Healthy Neighborhood Project

Healthy Neighborhood Project


In summer 2016, the Healthy By Design Coalition was awarded a planning grant to work with South Side residents and community partners to develop a healthy neighborhood plan. This opportunity, dubbed FreshLo, stands for Fresh, Local and Equitable: Food as a Creative Platform for Neighborhood Revitalization, is an initiative of the Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture and Health programs.

Between July 2016 and June 2017, a small team worked together to develop a resident-driven Healthy Neighborhood Plan for the South Side triangle neighborhood. Residents and other neighborhood stakeholders were asked What would make the South Side a healthier, more vibrant place to live, learn, work, and play? in a variety of ways. The resulting plan created a call to action to make the South Side the Bright Side of the Tracks through two key emphasis areas – increased access to healthy, affordable food year round and a stronger sense of pride through neighborhood revitalization.

Update Winter 2017

In fall 2017, Healthy By Design was awarded an implementation grant from the Kresge Foundation to work with community partners to move the Healthy Neighborhood Plan forward. Over the next two years, the Healthy Neighborhood Project team, in direct collaboration with a resident steering committee, will work toward the implementation of the Healthy Neighborhood Plan for the South Side. We are currently working on the following key projects:

  • Identify opportunities for a year round, brick and mortar grocery store in or around the triangle
  • Identify opportunities for at least one community gardening opportunity in or around the triangle
  • Develop resident-driven community art and creative placemaking efforts that celebrate the Bright Side of the Tracks theme, including entryway and wayfinding signage, traffic signal box wraps, murals, benches, and more!

Event Recognition

Event Recognition

Healthy By Design Recognition Program encourages event coordinators and event venues to take part in the effort to make our community healthier. The goals of the Recognition Program are to create a standard of excellence for events in Yellowstone County and to recognize events that promote healthy lifestyles.

Event recognition is a great promotional tool for coordinators in Yellowstone County. Event coordinators will receive:

  • Expert guidance and recommendations for planning the event
  • Promotion of the event through the Healthy By Design website and social media outlets
  • Use of the Healthy By Design logo, banners, and educational materials at the event
  • Certificate of recognition
  • The satisfaction of making a positive impact on community health
Event Recognition

Event Planning

While no two events are exactly the same, there are five health standards that must be met for an event to be recognized as Healthy By Design: Safety, Nutrition, Environmental Stewardship, Physical Activity, and Prevention & Overall Wellness. If you have questions or need assistance in completing the Healthy By Design recognition application, see the documents pertaining to each standard.

Event Recognition Application

Fill out the form below, or download a hard copy of the Healthy By Design recognition application.

Hard copy applications should be submitted with supporting documentation to:

Healthy By Design
123 South 27th Street
Billings, MT 59101

The Healthy By Design Review Team reviews applications on an ongoing basis. To make the most of recognition and the materials and publicity that come with it, submit the application at least three weeks before the event.

  • You will receive a written evaluation of your application with comments and suggestions from the Review Team with conditional or full approval.
  • Recurring events will be recognized for one calendar year. An application for the ongoing event can be resubmitted for review and recognition annually.

Online Application

The following is the online application for Healthy By Design Event Recognition. Using this form will not allow you to save and return to complete the form at a later time. If you would like to save as you go, please download an application.


Whole CommunityFamiliesYouthSeniorsOther
If YES, review your past application and note event changes as you complete this form. Submit your updated application at least two weeks prior to your event.
If NO, please submit completed application at least three weeks prior to your event.
Please complete each section in the application and strive to check at least one box in each section. Healthy By Design will contact you if there are questions about your application.


The Event is Outdoors

There is an Evacuation Plan in Place.
Traffic issues have been addressed.
There are First Aid Attendants available or a first aid kit with someone trained in providing first aid
Water is being provided or guests told to bring own


Not serving food or beverages(if this box is checked, proceed to Environmental Stewardship)

No changes from last year’s event
Water is offered as a beverageGrains are offered as whole grain choicesVegetables are providedCondiments are on the sideThose serving and/or handling food at the event meet food safety requirementsPortion sizes are controlledLower fat dairy products are providedHealthy fat protein is providedFruit is substituted for high sugar treats


Environmental Stewardship

Check all that apply (for more information and tips on how to include items below into your event, click here)
No changes from last year’s event
Recycling containers and signage for proper usePromotion or use of reusable water containersPromotion of event carpoolingReuse of banners and event materialsUse of reusable utensils and platesPosted maps and routes to use active transportation to get to and from your event

Physical Activity

Check all that apply (for more information and tips on how to include items below into your event, click here)
No changes from last year’s event
Promotion of walking/biking trails and routesPromotion of active transportation to/from the eventEncourage parking further from the event and walkingParticipants at risk of injury from exercise and other possible risks are identified prior to exerciseProviding education regarding intensity, duration and types of exercise that contribute to good healthWaivers distributed and collected, if necessaryProviding breaksLeading a stretching exerciseSuggest taking the stairs instead of the elevator

Prevention and Overall Wellness

Check all that apply (for more information and tips on how to include items below into your event, click here)
No changes from last year’s eventBreaks are regularly scheduledResources are provided at an information/check-in tableHandwashing information is postedInformation is available about tobacco cessation, sunscreen, etc.Health screening/services are provided (blood pressure check, flu shot, etc.)Hand sanitizer stations are providedThe event is tobacco freeMusic will be played at some breaks

Thank you for taking the time to apply for Healthy By Design event recognition. A Healthy By Design team member will get back to you shortly about your application. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at info@healthybydesignyellowstone.org
Disclaimer: Healthy By Design Recognition indicates compliance with Healthy By Design standards. Healthy By Design Coalition and Review Team partners are not responsible for the actions, statements or views of the event’s sponsoring organization or event happenings. Adherence to these claims made above are self-policed.

Examples of Locally Recognized Events

Big Sky Economic Development Luncheon • Yellowstone Valley Elementary X-C Meet • Ales for Trails •Heart & Sole Run • Healthy Kids Day • Faith Community Nursing • Chicks in Science • Bike Walk Summit • Walk for Water • Friends Of The Poor Walk • Billings Family YMCA Feast N’ Float • Billings Clinic Safety & Wellness Fair • Capturing the Vision of Wellness American Indian Women’s Health Conference • Pink Ribbon Bingo-“A Ladies Night Out” • Tobacco Free Fun Night • Youth in Action • Indian Health Service Common Mission Conference • League of Women Voters Styleshow • MPHA-MEHA Fall Conference • Walk to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week • Western Planners Conference • WIC Open House • Babysitter Lessons And Safety Training (BLAST) • Infill Policy Workshop

Gardeners’ Market

Gardener's Market

Gardeners' Market

The Healthy By Design Gardeners’ Market is designed to bring healthy, fresh, local, and affordable fruits and vegetables to the community. The market is also a social meeting place to celebrate health and nutrition. Healthy By Design is partnering with Billings Parks, Recreation, and Public Lands to bring the market to the South Park. The Gardeners’ Market is located in South Park on the corner of South 28th Street and Sixth Avenue South in Billings, MT. The season runs from the second week of June through the first week in October.

If you would like to receive a weekly reminder and update about the Gardeners’ Market click here!

Information for vendors:

  • Vendors can sell fresh produce, eggs and handcrafted items. All products must be produced by the vendor.
  • Vendors must call or e-mail the Market Manager at least two days before each market to ensure a space.
  • The 2017 Vendor Handbook can provide more information on selling at the market and all vendors will be given a packet prior to selling that will cover payment options and other regulations.
  • Vendors are encouraged to accept SNAP, debit/credit tokens at the Gardeners’ Market and must receive a short training before accepting tokens.
  • Produce vendors are also encouraged to accept WIC Farm Direct benefits at the Gardeners’ Market. You must receive a 30-minute training at the WIC Program before accepting WIC benefits. Contact the WIC Program at 406.247.3370.
  • For more information check out our resources below. If you have questions leave a message at 406.651.6444 or e-mail market@healthybydesignyellowstone.org.

Join us at the market!

Visit our events calendar to find our schedule and more details!

Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Active Transportation

Active transportation includes any mode of travel that promotes physical activity, such as biking, walking, skateboarding, and even taking the bus. Body-powered travel not only provides an opportunity for daily physical activity, but also connects people to their daily needs, like work, school, groceries, and fun.

Healthy By Design was one of the most vocal entities for adoption of a Complete Streets policy in Billings. Complete Streets are roadways built for all users: motorists, pedestrians, transit riders, and bicyclists. A Complete Street may include sidewalks, median islands, bike lanes, curb extensions, or timed pedestrian signals at intersections. From improved property values and economic revitalization to increased capacity and enhanced mobility for all, Complete Streets foster strong, healthy communities. A resolution of the City of Billings to adopt a Complete Streets policy was passed by City Council in August 2011.

In the News

  • From Healthy By Design Coalition partner, Billings Clinic
  • What is a Bike Friendly Business?

    Billings Clinic is just one of several entities making efforts to support bike-friendly initiatives and alternative commuting as a great way to get to work and be healthy.  Billings Clinic was just awarded a bronze award by the League of American Bicyclists for bike-friendly business practices.  In addition, they have installed new state-of-the-art secured bike storage facilities and added incentives for bicycling in their BeWell employee wellness program.  Billings Clinic also hosted a Commuter Challenge breakfast stop on in May as a part of National Bike to Work Day.

    Strong communities have vibrant, easily-accessible downtowns with safe paths for individuals and families to safely walk or bike to and from their neighborhoods and parks to the heart of their towns.  This is attractive for both recruitment and retention of employees at places like Billings Clinic, as well as other businesses and organizations in Yellowstone County. Coming off Billings’ win as Outside Magazine’s Best Town of 2016, we urge our community to keep active transportation in mind as we continue to build Billings into the community we want it to be.

    Recognized “Bicycle Friendly Businesses” in Billings include:

    • Billings Clinic – bronze
    • Billings TrailNet – bronze
    • CTA Architects/Engineers – bronze
    • High Plains Architects – gold

    If your business or organization is interested in becoming a “Bike-Friendly Business,” learn more at www.bikeleague.org/business

Looking for more details?

Learn more about how Healthy By Design is promoting a more active-transit friendly community and get involved



  • All current workgroups participate and utilize the 5-2-1-0 messaging.

Healthy By Design promotes the use of the community message “5-2-1-0.” This message outlines basic lifestyle activities that can contribute to a healthier weight. 5-2-1-0 encourages the consumption of 5 or more fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks/more water.

If you are interested in using this message in your community, download materials below that can be formatted for multiple uses.

Setting short- and long-term goals are a great way to keep you feeling motivated. Make sure your goals are realistic, and be sure to track them. And don’t forget—enjoy a healthy reward when you achieve your goals to remind yourself it was well worth the effort. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

You may think that you don’t have time to incorporate physical activity into your day. We know you’re busy, so we suggest assessing how much time you may spend watching TV or chatting on the phone. How could you use that time to get moving? For instance, walk in place or grab a partner and dance while watching TV, or lift light weights as you talk on the phone They ‘re simple ways to make the most of the time you have. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Your home and yard can be the perfect place to get in some healthy physical activity. Sweeping, vacuuming, carrying in groceries and even getting out in the garden to hoe, weed and water in warm weather can all get your heart pounding and bring a smile to your face. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Everybody needs a little encouragement when it comes to getting in physical activity, so partner up with a friend or family member. You can motivate each other, offer support and just have fun. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

For long-lasting change, begin doing physical activities gradually. Start with 2 minutes—the time it takes for commercials to run between your favorite TV shows—and work up to 10 minutes, then 20 and finally 30. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to stay motivated and stick with it. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Physical Activity doesn’t just improve health—it can also reduce stress. Head outside for a quick clean up, walk to the end of the block and back or lift some light weights for a few minutes. Your stress will go down, and your mood will go up. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

One of the best ways to get activity into your day is to spend some time with your favorite four-legged friend. Go for a stroll together—it’ll be great for your both! Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Walking has many health benefits, including weight control, reducing blood pressure, relieving stress and lowering the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Did you know that vacuuming carpets and sweeping the driveway count as moderate physical activity? If you don’t believe us, try using a pedometer—you’ll be surprised when you see just how many steps you get in completing everyday tasks. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Making physical activity fun is a terrific way to motivate both you and your kids to stay on the go. Whether you go to the park or play tag in your yard, you’re both sure to have fun together. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Have to choose bet ween the elevator or the stairs? Choose stairs! It’s okay to take them slow at first, or even just doing one flight at a time, then adding more later. It’s just another way to get a boost of physical activity in your day. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Physical activity is important for adults and kids of all ages. Look for great ways to get moving together, from raking leaves in the fall or shoveling snow in the winter to keeping the lawn beautiful in the summer. Everyday activities like these can be fun—and good for you too! Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

You don’t have to go far to find a place to take a walk. In fact—look right outside your front door! It’s the perfect way to get to know your neighbors while getting in some minutes of physical activity. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Once you’ve committed to adding activity to your life, maintain it by making a commitment to staying active. Plan well, be flexible with where and how you get that activity in your day, and most importantly, having a positive attitude about the great changes you’re making. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Don’t make excuses or get down on yourself when life (or the weather) gets in the way of your regular exercise program. Instead, look for ways to get in physical activity as best you can, like carrying small batches of laundry up and down stairs instead of one huge basket. Learn more at www.healthybydesignyellowstone.org

Need more resources or want to get involved?

Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness

A sick employee is a more costly employee. Ill workers who are absent or underperforming reduce an organization’s productivity. Healthy By Design’s focus on Worksite Wellness promotes physical activity at the workplace and the nutritional quality of food available. We work with employers to adopt worksite nutrition and physical activity guidelines. Those that support this program will develop a healthier and more productive workforce.

Whether or not a business provides health insurance, employee health is important to consider. On average, overweight and obese employees take more sick days and are less productive on the job than healthy-weight employees. The ultimate goal of Healthy By Design Worksite Wellness is for healthy options and healthy habits to become the norm.

We recommend you explore the following online resources for even more insight into Worksite Wellness programming:

Healthy By Design local resources:

Download the guidelines and checklist to get started on your worksite wellness programming!

Are you in charge of buying food for your organization? Use our Healthy Catering in the Workplace guide and Healthy Catering brochure to help you!

The Alliance organizations (Billings Clinic, RiverStone Health, and St. Vincent Healthcare) have all adopted worksite nutrition policies. Use these as templates for developing your organization’s nutrition policy:

Get more information and get involved!

Contact us for questions, additional resources, and to join this workgroup.

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